Talk About the Game

You Can’t Avoid Talking About the Choking Game

Supervisors and guardians may be wary of talking to children about the seriousness of the choking game. After all, what if our children haven’t ever heard of the game and I’m the one who introduced the concept?

As a D.A.R.E. officer put it:
“Would you rather have the kids get the adult version of the details or the playground version?”

Share this information with parents and encourage them to share this valuable information with their kids, especially those between the ages of 7 and 19.

Playground Version:


You’ll get a warm and fuzzy feeling. It’s no big deal You may feel warm and fuzzy, but this is because thousands of brain cells are dying. Brain cells you will never get back.
Nothing bad ever happens. Not true. You can pass out from the lack of oxygen. Sometimes kids need to be resuscitated.
It’s safer than using drugs. Choking yourself is just as dangerous and just as addictive.
Sometimes you twitch…it’s so funny. The body twitches because the brain is experiencing a seizure. At this point the brain damage taking place can’t be reversed.
It’s safe to do if you have friends with you. It is NEVER safe. Pressure on the nerves can cause an immediate heart attack.

Source: Culture of Safety