We talk to our kids about safe sex, sexual predators, bulling, alcohol, drugs… you name it! All of the dangers they are exposed out there, but we mostly don’t talk to them about the “Choking Game” and this activity is worst! They can die on the first try. As many as 1,000 kids die each year “playing”.

Only 7% of victims’ parents said they knew of the game before their children died. Parents and guardians may be wary of talking to their children about the seriousness of the “Choking Game”. They may think: “After all, what if our children haven’t ever heard of the game and I’m the one who’s introducing the concept?”
As a D.A.R.E. officer put it: “Would you rather have the kids get the adult version of the details or the playground version?”
(Culture of Safety)

As parents we want to think our kids are smart enough to play a dangerous stupid “game”, but we don’t realize their brains are not fully developed to think as adults. Studies have shown that brains continue to mature and develop throughout childhood and adolescence and well into early adulthood. Adolescents are more likely to engage in dangerous or risky behavior.

This activity is happening at schools, playgrounds, campgrounds or “pajama parties”. Also, there are hundreds of thousands of videos on YouTube showing how to “safely play the Choking Game”… there is no safe way to play it! But many kids don’t know that and keeps playing it.

There are many cases that parents have talked to their children only once about this dangerous game, in some cases the kids already have considered to try it before that conversation or they already playing it, and still end up on fatal consequences. Talking about the “Choking Game” one time is not enough. Talk to them the same way you alert them about other risky activities, drugs or alcohol, warn them about the “Choking Game” not only once, but as many times as needed, just remember that at school maybe there are other kids trying to convince them to “play” it.

Please read about the “game” on this website and be informed and well prepared to talk to your kids to prevent more fatalities, NO More Unnecessary Deaths! Let’s Save Children Lives!