Warning Signs

Warning Signs of Kids Playing the Choking Game

In total, the entire game takes less than five minutes from start to finish. It can be done nearly anywhere and no tools or props are necessary. It can be difficult to catch children in the act. Noticing any of the following indicators and taking immediate action may save a life:

  • Unexplained marks or bruises around the neck.
  • Short ropes, cords, ties, scarves, belts or dog leashes in his room, backpack or tied to bedroom furniture or doorknobs.
  • Bloodshot eyes or petechiae (little red spots) on skin of face.
  • Unusual need for privacy, including locked doors.
  • Disorientation or confusion after being alone.
  • Raspy breath.
  • Frequent Complaints of headaches.
  • Discussion of the choking game with friends or siblings (see the list of common slang names)


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