It’s Safe to Play?

Definitely is not safe!

The “Choking Game” It is not a Game!
It can cause severe brain damage without any warnings, or worst yet, death.

The “Choking Game” is extremely dangerous. When a participant attempts to asphyxiate themselves it is easy for them to pass out and become strangled by the noose-like device. Doctors and health professionals guess that dozens of kids have been killed while taking part in the “Choking Game”, and sadly, many more deaths originally labeled suicides might be attributable to the “Choking Game”. Even with others around, someone can easily lose consciousness and experience severe brain damage.

What kids do not know is that maintaining one of these techniques may accidentally cause death or injury.  Many kids also try this “game” alone by using a ligature (causing the majority of deaths).  Since they don’t know when they’re actually going to faint – they black out resulting in accidental asphyxiation.  It kills faster than drugs!  It is never safe!

Kids can become addicted to the “Choking Game” because of the euphoria they experience – not realizing that their brain is slowly dying.  (