About The Ninja

David Verduzco tragically passed away in the city of Albuquerque due to accidental asphyxiation as a result of a dangerous activity among young people. David is another victim of many similar tragedies that are happening around the world, the US, as well as in our community. This activity is considering a game by teenagers but is nothing other than a “mortal activity” one that is very commonly known as the “Choking Game” among dozens of other names.

David was not a curious teenager wanting to explore a fun adventure or a unique experience in extreme sports, tobacco, alcohol or drugs. Even though he was about to turn 19 yrs. old, his mind was pure, without malice, hate or resentment, he was a “big kid” but was not a fool to ignore that on the outside world there is hate, malice, violence, sex; but as any teenager, his brain wasn’t fully developed to think as adult. (Studies have shown that brains continue to mature and develop throughout childhood and adolescence and well into early adulthood. Adolescents are more likely to engage in dangerous or risky behavior. aacap.org)

David was fully dedicated to be the best he could give on his artwork, knowing that would be the best path to have accomplished his dreams of becoming an illustrator for videogames and animated movies (2D Concept artist/Illustrator)
The last report of his grades were only A and B+, grades that helped him get an extra financial aid just a month before passing away, David was at the best time of his life, happy at the University, happy for what he was doing, with many plans in his life, plans for the coming weekend, his birthday, Christmas… with many plans for his promising future, until death catch him out of guard, so to us all.

Why “The Ninja Movement”?

Throughout the past years he was looking an original art signature, a little over two years back, David opened an online account to share his artwork using the name “David the Art Ninja” then he finally adopted that name signing his most recent art work that way. For this same reason we decided to name our campaign “The Ninja Movement” the same nickname that he picked, also because David was a warrior dedicated to learn and improve his art techniques; going to the Southwest University of Visual Arts (SUVA), finishing his homework before it was due, painting during “his free time”, besides having a part time job to pay for his art material and part of his school fees. With all of this I never heard him complaint and this was a proof that he was an unreachable warrior, a true ninja warrior.

Fatalities like the one that my son David went through are happening with teenagers of all kinds of personalities, achieving kids, intelligent, with the best grades, athlete teenagers and successful in society and in academics.
There are tragedy reports in Europe, Africa, Mexico, South America and the United States, this is happening in our community of Albuquerque. Children and teenagers who don’t know about the risks to which they are exposed to, when they want to experiment this so called “game” believing that is a safe practice without knowing or thinking about the consequences, they play with their lives with minimum possibilities of winning. The age varies widely, the majority is between the ages of 11 to 18, but there are registered cases of kids between 6 yrs to 19 yrs old. Without a doubt this is very alarming.

David’s death was an unnecessary loss which could have been prevented, yet we are living a nightmare from which we cannot wake up. Now that our eyes have been opened up we are aware of what is happening between children and teenagers, although is too late for us and too late for David it is not too late for you. Don’t fall asleep, wake up and be alert, don’t overlook any hints that might seem insignificant, this will not only give you peace but mostly will be for the well-being of your children.

Spread the word to prevent tragedies, NO MORE UNNECESSARY DEATHS, let’s save children lives.